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Commercial General Contractors & Project Management in Washington, DC & Maryland

Commercial construction projects are often complex, highly structured endeavors with many moving parts and people that must be coordinated with careful precision. The success of your project relies heavily on who runs it. Chances are, you not only need competent commercial general contractors, but also a project management team to oversee those general contractors.

For a high degree of quality and professionalism on your commercial construction project, turn to Optimum Construction. We provide project management for general contractors in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Please contact us online or call (240) 422-9990 to arrange project management services for your next commercial construction project.

What Is a Commercial Construction Project Manager?

In general, project management is the supervising of resources over the life cycle of a project to control its cost, quality, time frame, and scope. In construction, the project manager must interact with a variety of disciplines as the project progresses, from engineering and architecture to city planning and public works.

The project manager is onsite throughout the project, remaining involved in pre-construction activities, construction administration, and post-construction close-out. The person fulfilling this role must understand the client’s priorities and goals to ensure that the general contractor and all project consultants align with these goals.

A project manager is typically responsible for the following tasks:

  • Estimate and negotiate costs to formulate a budget
  • Create a schedule and work timetables
  • Settle on the most appropriate methods and strategies for the project
  • Communicate with clients and stakeholders about the budget, progress, and other aspects of the project
  • Supervise and interface with general contractors, subcontractors, and others onsite
  • Work with building, construction, and regulatory specialists

For help making your construction project a success, please call our team at (240) 422-9990 to request project management services in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Phases of Commercial Construction Project Management

To promote success every step of the way, construction project managers must go through these phases:

  • Project conception: Due diligence during the first phase of the project determines whether its goals, cost, and desired timeline are feasible. This is also when the project manager identifies potential issues and risks.
  • Project planning: Assuming the project is approved and moves forward, the next step is to outline what milestones must be reached, and when, along the timeline. What resources are needed to complete the tasks within the allotted budget? This is the right time to hire general contractors and assemble other teams for the job.
  • Project launch: Next, the project manager must direct and allocate resources to various construction teams so they can meet project deadlines. Meetings and reports also keep stakeholders in the loop during this stage.
  • Project performance: The project manager should track key performance indicators for cost, time, and quality every step of the way. Staying on top of these figures increases the likelihood of a successful project.

If you need expert help managing your commercial general contractors, please contact Optimum Construction to learn more about our project management services.

Arrange Project Management for General Contractors in Maryland & Washington, DC

Commercial construction project management presents unique challenges. Having the right team on board sets your project up for success. That’s why you should rely on Optimum Construction. We have over a decade of general contracting and project management expertise, so you know you can trust us to perform a job well done. With our skilled project manager working as an extension of your internal team, you can expect a smoother, more cost-effective project and a better outcome overall.

Let us help you meet your commercial construction project management goals—call Optimum Construction at (240) 422-9990 or fill out our online contact form to get started.

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