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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Remodeling Services

As a leading home remodeling contractor in Maryland and the Washington, DC area, we have received many questions about our services over the years, and here are answers to some of the most common ones:

Which remodeling jobs offer the best returns?

Most remodeling jobs will add value to your home and increase its potential selling price in the future, but don’t expect to earn back all the money you spent. According to Remodeling Magazine, a limited kitchen remodel can earn back up to 84% or your investment, while a major one may only earn 59%. Bathroom remodels may earn back only about 70% of your investment, while replacing a garage door can earn back 97%. Refreshing your entryway is an easy project that has a 67% return, and replacing your drafty windows with efficient vinyl alternatives can offer a return of 82%. A deck can offer an attractive 82% of your investment.

Should I have a budget prepared?

Absolutely. Research the projects you wish to complete and explore your finances thoroughly. Consider upper and lower limits for your budget before sitting down with a contractor, and plan for unexpected expenses. At Optimum Construction, we can help you determine a realistic budget, and we will work diligently to stay within it.

How long will my remodel take?

That will depend on the size and scope of the project. A small bathroom remodel may only take a few weeks, while a kitchen remodel may take a month or more. Plan several months for a large remodel like a basement, or up to a year for whole-home remodels or a large addition.

When is the best time to remodel?

For interior projects, any time of the year will work well. For exterior remodels or additions, spring, summer, and fall work best, as winter can present challenges like frozen soil or poor working conditions. However, at Optimum Construction, we work year-round and plan accordingly for the weather.

Will there be a mess during the remodel?

Any remodeling project will disrupt your home somewhat, but at Optimum Construction, we strive to limit disruptions. We will take steps to minimize messes, such as cleaning the work area nightly and using negative air pressure to contain the dust.

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“Phase 1 of our renovation is done! Thank you Omar & crew! Great work, amazing speed & professionalism. We are thrilled with the progress & so happy we found…”

-Glenn & Lisa

“After several pensive weeks, our move was successful! We had a lot of renovating to do, so we contacted Omar from Optimum Construction who was a true professional! He…”

-Nikki & Mike

“Awesome work these people do. They painted our home and we get a lot of compliments for their job. Man Cave will be in the works next. Thanks Optimum…”

-Roy & Marianne

“Optimum Construction completely remodeled my 1950's kitchen and bathroom. Both look great and they'll be doing my other bathroom and flooring as well. LIKE”

-Curtis Berg

“Since moving into our home a year ago we have wanted to complete the garden level bedroom and bathroom. They framed both rooms, installed drywall, electrical, carpeting, painted, installed…”

-Dan & Nelson

“8 months we almost sold our home. Not happy with the space, the master bathroom, or empty basement we dreamed of selling and building. Fortunately for us, the market…”

-Gustavo & Theodora Limon

“We were fortunate to get a free estimate from Omar at Optimum Construction and the experience has changed my impression of contractors forever. This was a level of professionalism…”

-Bim & Lola