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Excavation Services in MD & DC

Whether you are building a new home, installing a septic system, or adding a driveway, when you need to move large amounts of soil, rock, or gravel to get the job done, you will almost certainly need the help of a qualified excavation service. Excavation companies go far beyond digging and moving soil, though—they can help with planning, layouts, surveying, engineering, and more.

When your project needs an expert team for grading, excavation, construction, dirt work, and more, turn to our professionals at Optimum Construction. We have the equipment and experience to offer a full line of excavation services, and we complete each job with world-class precision and quality. Our company is a leading general contractor in the Washington, DC area, and we provide a wide range of construction and remodeling services, from new home construction to home additions, remodeling, and commercial construction.

Make sure your excavation project is done right. Instead of searching online for “excavation companies near me,” simply choose our team at Optimum Construction for all your excavation needs. Call (240) 422-9990 or contact us online to learn more about our services today.

What is Excavation?

Essentially, excavation is the process of moving soil and rocks, usually for the purpose of erecting a building, mining, directing water flow, controlling erosion, creating roads, or installing equipment underground. Typically, heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, backhoes, and wheel loaders, is used to move the earth, though hand tools like shovels and pickaxes are also used. Excavation can include everything from digging holes to laying down gravel for drainage, leveling the ground, or creating slopes to direct water away from a building.

Do you need help with an excavation project in Maryland, Virginia, or the Washington, DC area? Contact our experts at Optimum Construction for quality excavation and construction services.

How Does Excavation Work?

Before excavation begins, the general contractor, architect, engineer, and excavation contractor will usually work together to create a site plan and detailed drawings. Obstacles like buried utilities will be identified, and then excavation will begin. The process typically includes:

  • Analyzing soil conditions
  • Marking corners and creating a layout
  • Excavating to the required depth
  • Taking steps to secure loose soil and avoid cave-ins
  • Installing drainage or dewatering systems as necessary
  • Backfilling and grading once construction is complete

To learn about the grading and excavation steps necessary for your project in Bethesda or Potomac, MD, contact our team today.

Our Excavation Services in MD & DC

With our experienced team and quality equipment, Optimum Construction can help you complete a wide range of excavation, grading, and construction projects. Our excavation services in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC area include:

  • Clearing land and site development
  • Digging footers and foundations
  • Installing septic systems
  • Installing underground pipes or culverts
  • Erosion and groundwater control
  • Leveling and grading soil
  • Installing gravel, rock, and road base
  • Installing driveways and roads
  • Adding or removing topsoil

The costs for excavation services will depend on the size and scope of the project. A small job like digging a short pipe trench may only cost a few hundred dollars. Grading an entire property may range into the thousands, with hours of equipment time and labor.

To learn what the land grading cost for your project will be, contact our team for an estimate!

Schedule Excavation Services in MD & DC Today

Are you ready to get started on your building project? Choose Optimum Construction for cost-effective, professional excavation services in Maryland and the DC area.

Call (240) 422-9990 or contact us online to schedule excavation services today.

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